1998 Honda Civic Type R – Family First


The Type R has become long revered by Honda enthusiasts worldwide. Up until this very day, Honda guys young and old remain on the lookout for a clean Integra Type R chassis or pieces and bits from the legendary chassis. When we first determined that Honda produced the ITR in 1996, many of us drooled over them. Whenever we found out there was clearly an ITR destined for U.S. showrooms, we all imagined owning one. There is no denying that the original Japanese Integra Type R opened our eyes for all things JDM and what Honda was required to offer within its native land, even though the debate will go on forever among enthusiasts over which front-end is better, JDM or Usa bug-eyes. Lurking not too far in the background was the Integra Type R’s brethren, the EK9 Civic Type R. Like the DC2R, both were pinnacles to their respective platforms and previously unavailable in the United states Unlike the ITR, however, the EK9 never made the trek to our country. American Honda instead offered the EM1 Civic Si coupe. The only way to have an EK9 was to try to import one or build your own version out of whatever legit (and sometimes not so legit) EK9 parts you could find. Sixteen years following the EK9 was basically introduced, enthusiasts around the world are stillThose that took the chance of importing them into the country knew that they had a real gem in their possession-and weren’t exactly willing to just sell them or permit them to go. Legit CTRs are rare, and even when you do happen to see one, you’re probably skeptical as to whether it’s the real deal. People have become so good at replicating them that it’s oftentimes tough to identify their authenticity. If you have a white ’96-’00 Civic chassis, you at one time or another attempted to produce a faux CTR, chances are that.

The white Civic you see on these pages is undoubtedly a realistic ’98 R. It not any longer bears its high-strung 1.6L B16B engine. We don’t truly know much about its history prior to its arrival in North America over six yrs ago, but this EK9 has produced quite a brief history for itself. Because it hasn’t, not in a way where it could indicate that the car has become through multiple transformations. This Civic has looked nearly the same aesthetically since it migrated to America. The history we are referring to has more to do with a family or personal history. It would tell you all about how it’s been built collectively by three different owners if this CTR could talk. Instead we’ll let Jeff Dodson, by far the most current owner, and Lee Molina, the prior owner, tell youin 2007. I just could not afford it during those times, although it had been a car i had always aspired to own. I didn’t get to be the owner until much down the road when I purchased it from my friend Lee.

Lee Molina: I originally bought the CTR from a friend of mine back in 2010. He had the automobile for a couple of years but didn’t really do much to it aside from the ’00-spec CTR front end conversion. The chassis got to the Usa as a shell [no engine], so he had also dropped a JDM B18C ITR motor in it. I have done a majority of one other major modifications after I acquired it.

Most of the aftermarket products the truth is featured in the CTR currently are the product of Molina’s vision. He installed the Function7 LCAs and braces, Ground Control suspension, along with the Alex Racing brackets that help elevate the OEM CTR wing. The EK9 was actually a dream car of Molina’s, and he had plans to eventually do a K20 swap. A tragic event turned my whole world upside-down, Molina says, although There was a lot more i had lay out to do. My mother passed away in late 2010, and I had to sell the automobile because I needed the funds. Apart from a simple shift knob swap, the interior is factory fresh “R.”

Molina and Dodson were both friends in the same car club, Team NSU, so Dodson couldn’t think of the CTR going to a random stranger. This was a significant chassis to both of them, so Jeff chose to step in and take the EK9 off of Molina’s hands. It absolutely was a win-win situation; not simply would Jeff finally be capable of own the car he had set his sights on since 2007, he’d additionally be helping out a buddy who was inside a tough spot financially. Furthermore, the CTR would stay in the Team NSU family. I had been always round the car, and Lee was really a friend of mine, therefore i knew the Civic was very well dealt with. He had the K20A2 motor waiting to go in, so I bought the motor off of him, too, Jeff states.

With the aid of teammate Molina, Jeff pulled the ITR motor and completed the K swap at the shop where he worked at as a mechanic. The money he had produced from selling the B18C that had been once inside the EK9 went to ordering a collection of 57mm Kinsler ITBs and a host of K-Tuned engine components. To give the automobile a more personal touch, Dodson ditched the Spoon wheels Molina had in favor of wider 16×8 Enkei RPF1s.

Santa Paula Chevrolet

Save Some Money Once In A While Won’t You

Saving money is really a daily task and one that a lot of fail at because a good single slip up can undo tons of days of being good. The secret to success is to create sustainable ways to save money so you aren’t struggling every day. That’s the hardest thing. It’s not going to work and you are likely to constantly be fighting and being miserable if you make it so the only way to reduce costs is by making daily sacrifices. It’s like working out and eating healthfully. Because even one 2AM bacon cheeseburger will undo months of broccoli consumption, you have to embark on good habits. Here are some activities to save money that can actually be maintained.

Online Piracy


The biggest fallacy is that you should subscribe to HBOgo or Netflix to keep up on your shows. Everyone even calls it ‘watching netflix”” like it’s an actual verb or something. And possibly it is. But you can watch anything, every movie for the most part, and positively ever current show, online for free. You are conserving money on the monthly subscriptions which kind of savings adds up to a lot of money a year, and you also are will no longer a slave to those companies, although sometimes the quality suffers and sometimes you will find subtitles you can’t turn off.

Slightly Second Hand Car


Another way to spend less is to get a slightly used car when you’re selecting that new set of wheels. If you buy new, you’re probably thinking that you may save money on the automobile longterm because you won’t need to handle repairs for a time. And that’s true, you are thinking correctly. But should you get a car that’s a few years older, still from the dealer, you may have all the same benefits of minimal repair, but also save a bunch on the initial sticker price. So go to Nissan Los Angeles and check out the slightly used cars they have there. You’ll save money by going to www.downtownnissan.com and obtaining a car there than a completely new car.

Generic Products


One of the most amazing reasons for modern society is how a business like Advil can sell you the same thing as being a CVS or Dollar Store and charge you more and for some reason people purchase it. It’s absolutely insane to buy Advil. It’s adrug and ibuprofen, and the generic versions are literally the exact same thing. There is no benefit to getting the name brand. In some instances there are actually, like Coke vs Generic Cola. Although not in headache medicine that’s for sure. To help you waste dimes and dollars here and there as much as you need under the false pretense that you’re purchasing something that you wouldn’t otherwise be receiving, but know you’re wasting money and in addition to that, but giving the impression of a total idiot all the while. Don’t be described as a money wasting idiot, have the generic version of drugs and other things that are the exact same!

1972 De Tomaso Pantera – Pantera Perfection


While modern cars equipped with substantial aftermarket parts and custom body bits are often deemed feature-worthy, few share company with this particular one-off creation. In fact, forget what you thought you knew about custom cars, because this Pantera redefines the segment. Every panel, bolt, nut and clip is replaced or fabricated, which makes this beauty more rolling artwork than car.

“”I’ve been fascinated with cars since I was in diapers and was raised in a household with classic cars, since my Dad was actually a partial owner of a restoration shop,”” owner, Marc Campolieto said. “”During the early 80s the shop started doing restoration work with that’s and Panteras where I seriously fell deeply in love withOf course we don’t have to let you know how wicked the De Tomaso Pantera is, because as you know, it was actually designed by American designer Tom Tjaarda and built in Italy at the De Tomaso factory. The steel monocoque design was ahead of its time back in 1971, as was the well-appointed interior with such luxuries as power windows and a cigarette lighter.

Was the pushrod American V8 that sat behind the driver, though what wasn’t quite so cutting edge. Oh yes, for those unaware, the Pantera is really a mid-engine it’s and supercar got plenty of grunt thanks to a 5.8L Ford V8 under the bonnet good for 400hp. The 3100 lb rockets were harnessed by a ZF transaxle, and other magazines recorded -60 times of just 5.5sec with a top speed of 160mph. Don’t forget, this is 40 years ago!

After poor reliability and small sales numbers, Ford discontinued its sales partnership in 1975, though early Panteras were sold at Ford dealers. After Ford dropped the Pantera from showrooms, only a handful of shops imported grey market examples, which meant US production numbers were minimal at best. The last Pantera rolled off the De Tomaso assembly line in 1991, ending the era of a unique supercar using the chassis of any European sports vehicle and the heart of an American hot rod.

I didn’t want just any example, I was looking for a project having a colorful history,”” Campolieto said, even though “”I’ve owned many nice European cars and currently own an Aston Martin Vantage and a modified Shelby Mustang GT500, however the desire for any Pantera never died.a tip from a fellow Pantera enthusiast at PI Motorsports (a renowned Pantera shop in Orange, CA) that Pantera International (another shop dedicated to these rare cars) had recently acquired a former racecar. The vehicle had been baking in the Las Vegas desert for years and was begging being rescued.

“”The guys at Pantera International bought it coming from a gentleman who acquired the vehicle when his father passed away,”” he explained. “”It had been a racecar in the late 70s and also at one point it had a built 351 Cleveland motor, Weber carburetors and Group 4 wide fenders – it was eventually put out to pasture in Vegas where it sat for many years.””

Just days before Pantera International was to start using the weathered ex-racer as a parts car, Campolieto rescued it with a deposit. A few weeks later he arrived with an empty trailer and started what can become one of the more intense restorations we’ve ever seen.

1972 de tomaso pantera detail

1972 de tomaso pantera battery

1972 de tomaso pantera grill

“”It absolutely was in rough condition from sitting in the desert for so many years and it lacked an transmission and engine, but as they say in the hot-rod industry, it was straight and it was all there – including the remains of your dead bird,”” he laughed.

Even though road ahead was long, Campolieto set out down the lonely path to renovation with countless nights in the garage and hundreds of hours in labor. The car was painstakingly stripped down to a bare core and then methodically sandblasted to get rid of blemishes and bits of rust.

Since Panteras are known to have rust problems, the former racer received a lot of attention such as POR15 sealant. This amazing stuff actually seals in rust and prevents it from spreading. We’re not just speaking about sealing the fender wells either, we’re talking the undercarriage, firewall, interior and anythingTalking about paint and powdercoat, the firewall and engine bay were sealed, smoothed and painted in PPG Gloss Black to get a show-car touch. As for the powdercoat, every suspension piece was coated with all the shiny stuff before receiving plenty of top-shelf parts like Polygraphite bushings-but more on that later.

After the bare shell was prepped and sealed, it received a good amount of chassis stiffening braces on all corners.

“”The Pantera might have a monocoque construction, but when you run them hard with a powerful motor they are able to flex a lot, so modern chassis stiffening pieces do wonders to brace them up,”” Campolieto explained.

By now it was time to slowly increase the amount of pieces into the bare shell and here is where the plot further thickened.

“”I wanted the very best suspension available so I added custom billet coilover adapters with Koni shocks, custom spring rates and I even had the rear axle bearings converted to oversized Timken units since it’s a known weakness around theit was the beginning of a lot more custom work that also included new bearings and races for all suspension pieces together with a PI Motorsports steering rack upgrade, rebuilt factory brake calipers, CNC machined rotors and stainless brake lines.

Since the motor that was being built for the project was slated to become rather rowdy, a hefty cooling system was needed. Similar to most mid-engined sports cars, the Pantera carries its radiator in the nose. While this setup places the radiator in the way of airflow, in addition, it necessitates painfully long coolant hoses to circulate the coolant between the front mounted radiator and the mid-mounted motor. A sizable Fluidyne lay-down aluminum radiator with twin Spal electric puller fans from Pantera International as well as polished stainless lines and silicone hoses, a thermostatically controlled electric water pump and exterior body mods to assist with airflow were included with keep the beast underneath cool.

1972 de tomaso pantera rear engine

1972 de tomaso pantera rear left blur

1972 de tomaso pantera rear left far

Factory Pantera wiring is yet another weak point on the vintage supercars so Campolieto set out with the same attention-to-detail when rewiring the entire car – yes, the entire car.

“”I re-did the entire wiring system starting with a master fuse to stop damage to the harness and circuit board plus a Pantera Electronics blade fuse block kit with LED fuse loss indicator and a lot of relays for theRe-engineering the wiring system, even with an older car is no small feat, however it allowed him to run such modern amenities like the Pantera Electronics HID headlights along with the aforementioned electronic cooling system modifications.

Now past the aim of no return, he had to make the big push to view the car to fruition. It was definitely worth it since I finally built the vehicle of my dreams,”” Campolieto said, though “”It was a huge undertaking that took a few years and nearly $130,000.

Like the impeccable underpinnings, the source of motivation is surely an utter part of artwork, albeit a powerful one.

“”I had the Windsor Ford shortblock bored and stroked to 408 cubic inches (that’s almost 6.7L), full of forged internals like Keith Black pistons, a TrickFlow cam, RHS heads ported by MadCap Racing Engines and topped with a ported Victor Jr intake manifold and a Holley 750 carburetor,”” he explained.

When fired by the MSD ignition and hooked for the custom PI Motorsports headers and exhaust system the large beast is good for 500 and 587hp lb-ft on the crank. If that’s insufficient, he’s also plumbed a 125hp shot of nitrous that’s fed by two giant bottles mounted within the engine compartment.dealt with with a Milodon 7-quart baffled oil pan while the fueling system is made up of a refurbished tank, plenty of Aeromotive components and stainless braided lines.

With the built bullet ready for blastoff, the last two loose ends were the inside and exterior bodywork. Outside, the car received a show-car treatment that started well beyond the flawless paint.

“”The whole body was assembled with stainless steel bolts and washers, the panels were gapped to perfection and every body piece was smoothed for a mirror-like finish – the work underneath is just as significant as the paint,”” Campolieto explained.

The concours quality Tangelo Pearl paint with a gloss black stripe was laid over steel Group 4 fenders that swallow the ultra rare and ultra wide 17×10″” front and 17×13″” rear Boyd Coddington wheels. On the deck lid you’ll find a custom LED third brake light and the patented “”sugar scoop”” synonymous with the De Tomaso Pantera. Another touch of class came in the form of ram-air ducts that took the place of the rear quarter glass, oh yeah, they’re functional too.

Life on the inside of this rocket is additionally out of this world thanks to a lot of A-grade craftsmanship, especially the leather wrapped and contrast stitched dash and console reworked by Auto Weave. Of course only a keen eye would catch such details as Corvette C4 seats, the factory gauges painstakingly rebuilt by Redline and filled up with VDO internals along with the Ford Taurus window motor conversion and the array of new-old-stock accessories, switches and buttonsthe inside to be as classic as it was modern and tidy, so I mixed modern touches just like the dash and console treatment with the reworked original gauges and the other period-correct pieces,”” Campolieto said.

After a multi-year restoration with countless hours invested and a serious pile of money spent, we are able to safely state that no bolt, nut, clip or the like went untouched during the flawless rebuild. The proof is within the pudding because not only was it perfectly executed, however it was also tastefully done, there’s no way around it. Do you have taken your car or truck down to a shell only to modify each piece that lands back on it? Campolieto has.

Mini Countryman All4 Cooper S Camping Concepts: Tested


The morning sun rising across a beautiful corner of the Adriatic is what eventually wakes me. Even around this early hour, the warmth tells me it’s going to be another sensational day – Europe has been sweltering under a prolonged heatwave for weeks now – but I’m bleary-eyed, probably from a single beer too many at last night’s beach barbecue, making the rays of 5am sunlight none too welcome.

With this delicate state, it takes us a moment get used to my canvas surroundings, and there’s a minute of genuine shock once i look out of my tent accommodation and discover the nose of a Mini Countryman protruding from beneath my bed. Then I remember – I’m sleeping on your roof of a car!

You see, europeancarweb.com is among very few outlets given the opportunity to sleep in just onestyle of the Countryman. Croatia has all the scenic beauty of its neighbor and fewer of the crowds, meaning it’s well worth a visit.., although and the location for this night in the outdoors is the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, just north of Zadar – it might seem like the less fashionable side of your Adriatic when Italy is across the water.

What’s also noteworthy may be the five-star hotel 500 yards away, having a room within it for me with the luxuries I was able to want. I will chicken-out of sleeping in the Mini any time I enjoy, but in the interest of critical appraisal, I decide to sleep outdoors. Besides, it seems somewhat curmudgeonly to sleep down in the hotel when there’s sensational scenery plus a real Mini adventure uponfor the roof of a Countryman hardly spoils the lines from the mini-SUV. The truth is, you could suggest it allows the car a much more purposeful, outdoors look. The roof box is a slimline item when folded, and Mini even mounted a tire on the roof of it, Dakar-style.

The box is barely wider than the car, and about the duration of the Countryman’s roof, therefore it doesn’t overhang the cabin in an ungainly manner.

Mini countryman camp rear view 03

Mini countryman camp passenger side view 04

Mini countryman camp driver side view 05

In terms of the bed, setting it up in your campsite is simplicity itself. Just pop the catches on the roof box and making use of fabric handles, pull the top half of the clamshell upwards to allow the heavy-duty hinges to extend. The tent is fixed inside of the solid areas of the roof box so is automatically set up in seconds. And also the base of the box is filled with foam, meaning it’s a comfy bed competent at sleeping two average-sized adults with minimum hassle. And you may pitch this anywhere the Countryman All4 can physically drive.

Needless to say, the car is as practical as ever, retaining five seats and a decent trunk; if you eventually opt to settle down for the night, you can use it being a closet by slinging all of your belongings in theresimilar to a Mini, given that the donor car is structurally unchanged by the addition of the roof box. As a 184hp Cooper S model, it isn’t lacking punch on Croatian mountain roads, which can be welcome since the roof box/tire combo adds weight up high. However, there isn’t a good amount of roll for that reason, and the Countryman generally behaves as it should – it has good grip, a decent chassis, and a ride that’s good on the super-smooth surfaces of two-lane freeway between Split and Zadar, but less impressive about the broken blacktop of urban roads negotiating their way through Zadar’s outskirts.

How Can I Drive More Miles for My Gas

Poor gas mileage can be caused by a whole host of various things, however these days people need to get in terms of we can for our gallon of gas. It not only helps us to save money but additionally helps to reduce the quantity of gas we use which is great for the environment. It’s also worth remember that gas supplies are dwindling fast, along with the further we get to the gallon the better it can be for the whole world.


Here are the major culprits when it comes to using more gas than you should get from A to B:

Spark plugs – these relatively inexpensive and small components play a very important part in relation to gas mileage. They can be directly in charge of sparking in the combustion inside the engine. In case your spark plugs aren’t working properly it can be a real negative with regards to gas mileage.

Faulty fuel injectors – can also be the cause of bad gas mileage. If they are leaking less fuel will make it would mean that the engine won’t run as efficiently because it should, these actually place the fuel through into the engine and.

Air Filters and oxygen filters – these can cause up to and including 20% reduction in gasoline consumption efficiency. If this balance gets out of whack so does the efficiency of your motor, oxygen sensors are made to create the right mix between air and gas, and. Air filters which get blocked should be cleaned out . . . a fairly simple fix by anybody’s standards. To ensure that an engine to work at its peak performance and efficiency you want clean air filters.


Air cooling – also can have an effect on the fuel efficiency of a motor. A lot of gas could be wasted powering the air conditioning system. Whether you need to use air conditioning depends largely on the speed you drive. If driving at higher speeds you must close the windows to lower drag , if you are driving slowly it is a better idea to open up up the windows but. . . which in itself may have a detrimental impact on gas mileage.

Idling – can be a complete waste of gas. Leaving your engine running while you are not moving anywhere is just a waste. This could be your way of letting the engine warm up during the colder winter season or while you are parked waiting to collect someone. Car engines really only need around 30 seconds to warm up so any more is a waste of gas, and if you are sitting parked while awaiting someone to pop into the store, come out of school or work just shut down the engine. This will help to save lots of your gas, your money and also the environment too.


Motor oil – can also have an effect on the amount of miles you get for the gas. Choose motor oils which are top quality to reduce friction – look at the cars manual to see just what the manufacturer recommends.

Driving – can also make a major difference to fuel efficiency. This is not only about the speed that you simply drive (slow for maximum efficiency) but also the way you drive. If you are quite an aggressive driver who brakes and accelerates quickly this will use more gas.

Many modern cars are equipped for the maximum efficiency. Check out the choices at a Nissan dealer Los Angeles. Alternatively, better still have a look at this website in the comfort of your very own home. It’s http://metronissanredlands.com.

1986 Honda Quint Integra GSi – Integra Immemorial


The 1985 launch of your Acura logo and its first model, the Integra, was something special. A derivative of your third-generation Civic, the Integra was better in every way: larger, four-wheel disc brakes instead of rear drums; a twin-cam, 16-valve engine rather than a single-cam 12-valve one; along with a more adept, tighter suspension when compared to its Honda sibling–the likes of which entry-level subcompacts had yet to discover. It was a big deal for American enthusiasts who sought domestic alternatives when alternatives were scant.

Japan’s version of the Integra, which was released a year earlier under the guise of the Honda Quint forename, didn’t gain benefit from the impending Acura brand’s hullaballoo–a brand that existed only in America–but was instead distributed through Honda’s premier Japanese Verno channel underneath the parent company’s umbrella. The Integra’s popularity was vested mostly in the Usa where its lion’s share was sold despite the fact that only 60 Acura dealerships was established pursuing the brand’s inception.

Enthusiasts appreciated its DOHC 113hp engine that paid homage to the Civic’s D-series more than anything and in many ways foretold the coming of what would become one of Honda’s most successful engines ever–the B-series, though built at Honda of Japan’s Suzuka plant, the Integra’s visionary wedge shape did much for that car’s image. Kazuma Urasaki won’t disagree with some of that, which happens to be mostly why he’s left his ’86 GSi’s 1.6L ZC mill alone and instead focused on the car’s braking and handling capabilities.

Longtime Honda fan and previously the owner of any Civic Ferio, Urasaki outfitted the Integra’s strut-and-torsion-bar suspension with TEIN coilovers and a number of bits from storied Japanese Honda tuning house Osaka JDM. Perhaps most notably, he’s gone through to replace the diminutive factory wheels and tires with additional capable 16×8 Barramundi Elevens, an addition that Urasaki says makes his Integra unique.

1986 honda quint integra GSi honda optional rear wing

1986 honda quint integra GSi honda optional rear wing

1986 honda quint integra GSi barramundi design eleven wheels

In the bizarro world that is tuning Hondas in Japan, Urasaki appointed his Integra with U.S.-spec components, including exterior an, mirrors and lighting American-sourced gauge cluster. Not unlike American Honda enthusiasts of the early 1990s who went along to great lengths to acquire Japanese-exclusive bits, Urasaki is quick to point out the problems he encountered while on his USDM treasure hunt, trying to find parts, nearly all of which had always been discontinued. Fortunately for Urasaki, his build accomplice, Osaka JDM’s Kazuhiro Furukawa, managed to fulfill most of his wish list while scouring wrecking yards in a recent trip to California.

As Honda’s proven over time with most of its lineup, North America was privy simply to select versions of the original Integra: three-door and five-door hatchback RS and LS models, both featuring the same D16A1, ZC-like engine. Japanese dealerships were stocked with a similar albeit right-hand drive three-door models–the RSi and GSi–but also provided ZS and LS trims that were sold with carbureted versions of your ZC. In terms of performance and accouterments, however, Urasaki’s GSi, which is just like the North American LS, beats them all. Careful not to disturb the car’s heritage, Urasaki’s modifications were calculated wisely. The first seats remain intact. Each body panel remains of factory origin. And the paint, although not a color commissioned by Honda (it was actually sourced from Toyota’s FT86), those brand new to the Integra’s pedigree would have no reason to believe otherwise.

Echoing the 1984-1987 Civic in ways than one, the Integra’s release was met with the uproar among enthusiasts. The excitement didn’t last past the model’s production, though, since it soon fell into obscurity. Nothing overshadowed Honda’s first high-end, compact sports car more than its successor, with its stronger and upgradeable B-series, fully independent rear suspension, and 2 years into production, VTEC. It would take another two decades before enthusiasts would once again reminisce upon Honda’s mid-1980s creations like the ’86-’89 Integra withappreciation and nostalgia, envy. But it’s almost too late. Like Urasaki knows very well, the very first-generation Integra parts search is a formidable one, second simply to discovering a good first-generation Integra itself.

1986 honda quint integra GSi nardi controlslights, taillights and mirrors; Honda optional rear wing; Toyota FT86 silver paint

Interior Nardi 330mm steering wheel; NRG quick-release hub; K-Tuned shifter; USDM Integra gauge cluster; Integra Type R shift boot

WWW barramundidesign.com; osaka-jdm.jp

1996 Porsche 993 Turbo – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


For many, the 993 generation Porsche 911 is regarded as the best of all. Replacing torsion bars on an aluminum multi-link rear-end meant better balance, control and handling, suffering less oversteer from mid-corner lift-off than the previous 911. And while much of the structure was recycled from your 964, the entire body panels were completely new – rounder, smoother, wider – meaning the car looked as it should, all the way down to its teardrop headlights.

Like all 911s, there were a number of different models like the Turbo, naturally aspirated, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, widebody; you know the offer. And, naturally, there was the homologation special, the 993 GT2.

Aptly named to fulfill GT2 racing regulations, the highway variants kept the title. If you wanted a GT2 with your garage, it was actually mission impossible, with only 57 ever built, and.Are Created From This

In the GT2’s racing career, Porsche developed the GT2 Evo. Making 600hp and tipping the scales at just 2425 lb, it had wider fenders to cover wider tires, and, naturally, a taller rear wing.

The Evo was created to leave the GT2 class and battle it out in GT1. And with Porsche Motorsport developing the various components, several race teams converted their GT2s to Evo spec, creating one of the most unattainable and unaffordable 911s in history.

Bryan Cole has long been a diehard car guy, willing to spare no expense until his cars meet or exceed his build goal. I’ve always been a Porsche and Lambo freak, he laughed. The Porsche I remembered through high school graduation was the #77 Chereau GT2 from the ’97 Le Mans 24 Heures, and I always said I’d own that car a day.

Granted, the Chereau GT2 Evo actually DNF’ed within the ’97 race but was actually a stunning machine. So what does it take to recreate such a thing? Well, for starters, a ton of time, know, patience and funds-how. Fortunately, Bryan has all of the things and was prepared to sacrifice to construct his dream car.

Having a shortcut, Bryan didn’t start this build himself. I got a 993 911 Turbo about this past year with the GT2 Evo conversion already done bywas a key factor. The bodywork was flawless, the all-wheel drive bits had been removed and yes it was changed into RWD similar to a true GT2. For most people, this car might have been enough, but for Bryan it was only the starting place.

My dream was to have the unattainable GT2 Evo. I wanted one of the more rare, over-the-top, fire-breathing cars I could legally drive through the canyons and on Southern California racetracks, he told us. I needed a car so mean it scared kids on the street and ripped people’s faces off, he laughed. And it does this effortlessly, especially about the dismal streets of downtown LA.

This kind of 993 exudes more presence and character than most modern supercars. There’s something muscular, raw and beautiful in regards to the unfathomably wide rear-end and the massive wing.

In fact, the 993 Turbo now sports GT2 Evo bolt-on fenders all round, an Evo 1 front bumper and splitter, GT2 decklid and banana wing, along with aseal, washer and ring was replaced, Bryan claimed.

To keep the motor stable, RS mounts were enlisted, and they’d be tested by upgraded KKK k16/24 hybrid turbos. However, even these parts would be meaningless if not properly tuned, so Evolution Motorsports took on the task of creating the GT2 Evo burn rubber and spit fire.

The burbles, pops and rumbles from the exhaust are almost stupid, in the best way possible. It sounds angry, yet seduces you as only a Porsche can. And a lot of the sound can be credited to the Fabspeed headers and straight-pipe exhaust.

The transmission copes with the extra power thanks to hardened fifth, fourth and third gears along withAre Constructed With This

In true Evo form, Bryan’s 993 wears sought- after, staggered BBS Motorsport E88 wheels, 18×10 front, 18×12.5 rear, hiding Brembo F50 brakes underneath.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires provide a good amount of grip, nonetheless they wouldn’t be as effective without the no-compromise suspension system that Bryan constructed.

It started with Moton Clubsport 800 and coilovers/1000 lb H&R springs plus factory GT2 Evo front uprights and bumpsteer kit. The Porsche Motorsport RS sway bars are fully adjustable to tame over- or understeer, based on the track surface. And perhaps probably the most substantial difference is the Elephant Racing sealed monoball joints that replace the rubber bushings. So while Bryan drives the automobile on the street, calling it a road car seems wrong.

Inside, the rollcage is badass, replicating the actual plate size, bar length and body welds used on the GT2’s bars.

Recaro Pole Position seats match the factory Porsche steering wheel to produce a racecar feel with its carbon door Porsche and panels RS carpet kit.

There are some modern additions, too, such as a GReddy electronic boost controller, Innovate wideband Alpine and gauge stereo. Yes, it possesses a stereo, which seems hilarious on a car that’s had its sound deadening and headliner removed.

Despite that, Bryan Cole’s 911 isn’t simply a close match of the GT2 Evo, it’s an exact replica, and then some. He wanted the unattainable and built it. Should you have had the means – would defeat by far the most determined enthusiast because you can’t simply source the parts on eBay, to recreate this build – even. But for all of us who lust following a GT2 Evo, the only way to own is to recreate it. Bryan had the dream and then he placed it on the pavement. It’s as basic asAre Constructed With This

1996 Porsche 993 Turbo

Bryan Cole

Location: Agoura Hills

Occupation: Publicity

Engine 3.6-liter flat-six rebuilt with ARP rod bolts, KKK k16/24 hybrid turbos, evoms ECU billet and tuneAre Constructed With This

Wheels & Tires 8×10 f, 18×12.5 r BBS Motorsport E88 wheels, 245/35 R18 f, 335/35 R18 r Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires

Exterior GT2 Evo bolt-on fenders f & r, Evo 1 front bumper and splitter, GT2 decklid and banana wing, sunroof delete with factory roof, 3M clear bra

Interior GT2-spec rollcage, Recaro Pole Position seats, Porsche/Momo alcantara steering wheel, carbon fiber door panels, airbag delete, Porsche RS carpet kit, headliner and soundproofing delete, Alpine stereo, Rennline track mats and pedal kit, Innovate wideband air/fuel gauge, GReddy boost controller

Contact Fabspeed (fabspeed.com), SP Engineering (sp-power.com), Rennline (rennline.com), Evolution Motorsport (evoms.com), Elephant Racing (elephantracing.com), Moton (moton.usa.com)

Thanks evoms, Fabspeed and Moton SP Engineering, Tire Stickers

A Happy Child Means a Happy Parent

Every parent has been there. It really makes no difference whether you’ve set off on a long road trip or are simply just doing the school run . . . unhappy children and car journeys do not mix. Crying, struggling and screaming to get rid of the car seat . . . it’s the stuff of nightmares.


Children lose interest and they get uncomfortable just like adults, however they don’t care how much they let you know about this,. That’s one thing to remember.

There are many ways you can keep your kids amused, or at least a bit happier if they are in the car . . . and happy children does mean happy parents in fact.

Keeping Infants Happy

• Remember that younger babies and youngsters cannot regular their own body temperature so ensure that they are neither too hot nor too cold. Remember to ensure they are snug and warm in the winter and cool in the hotter summer months.

The Graco SnugRide(R) Click Connect(TM) 40 is the first and only newborn-to-2-year infant car seat supporting the American Academy of Pediatrics 'Rear to 2 Years' recommendation. It is exclusively available at Babies"R"Us stores nationwide and online at Babiesrus.com, starting today, Sept. 19, 2012.  (PRNewsFoto/Graco)
The Graco SnugRide(R) Click Connect(TM) 40 is the first and only newborn-to-2-year infant car seat supporting the American Academy of Pediatrics ‘Rear to 2 Years’ recommendation. It is exclusively available at Babies”R”Us stores nationwide and online at Babiesrus.com, starting today, Sept. 19, 2012. (PRNewsFoto/Graco)

• At around six or eight months many children start to move around of their very own accord which could mean that being strapped into a car seat is definitely an even bigger problem. Once they are old enough to become seated in the more upright position so they can look out of the window it can help to keep them occupied, otherwise several rattles and toys fixed to the car seat may help with keeping them amused.

• Make certain that the sun isn’t shining straight into their eyes. Many parents use stick on sunshades these days . . . make sure that it is within the correct spot for maximum effect.


If your baby can’t watch you while you are driving, let them know that you are there, • Even. Talk to them in soothing tones or perhaps sing along for some lullabies and tunes. These don’t necessarily have to be baby songs . . . many infants turn out loving the same tunes as his or her parents after being brought up on a diet of them.

Keeping Toddlers Amused

Lively toddlers may find it more frustrating to be strapped right into a car seat for any lengthy journey. As your child gets older he will be able to know that the car seat will keep him safe to the journey and that he can climb out as soon as you’ve reached your destination. Until that time you might like to try a few of these ideas:

• Distraction – this works wonders. Have got a special variety of toys that are only to be used in the car . . . ensure that these toys are soft and car proof like softbooks and blocks, stuffed animals and dolls. If these toys are only available in the car it will make it more interesting to your child.

If you choose some sing along tunes, • Music – is yet another great distraction, particularly.

• If your toddler is positioned so that he is able to see from the window . . . even though rear facing . . . have a chat about what he can see. Talk to him about what’s there . . . perhaps a house or a church, the other cars or a big bus, how about a field of cows or possibly some trees or tractors. This can form a valuable a part of their education as they grow and learn.

These are just a few of the strategies and ideas will keep your youngsters happy in the vehicle. There are some superb cars available for sale at fiat costa mesa for you to take and see a test drive. Check them out at http://www.ocfiat.com.

GSR Autosport 2005 BMW M3 – Ultimative Drift-Maschine


Hopefully you’re already familiar with the sport of drifting and, although a relatively new form of motorsport, it’s one which requires tons of skill to perfect and enormous dedication to interrupt through into the professional ranks. And naturally, you want a thoroughly developed, highly modified machine being competitive.

Our good friend Michael Essa is actually a Formula Drift driver who’s sitting pretty in second place in the championship when we write. His shop, GSR Autosport, built his E46 M3 in-house and was nice enough to bring it to our studio, enabling us to show you the battle-scarred beast, warts and allWith an autocross and road-racing background, it’s unusual for a guy like Essa to gravitate towards drifting. Partially because scoring is based on style instead of time, which appears to confuse the purists, the sport has a certain stigma. There’s plenty of sports in the Olympics that happen to be judged! Michael countered. Even freestylemotocross and skateboarding, BMX; these are all judged sports based on style and each one has huge followings, so why should drifting be seen any differently?

You don’t have to be a fan of racing to experience drifting. No matter who you are, it’s downright jaw-dropping to see they running door-to-door, completely sideways, with smoke pouring in the fenders as their bumpers scrape the track walls. This is the reason there are big sponsors as well as the events are completely out of stockthe auto competitive

Although I wasn’t into drifting, I took my Datsun 510 Rotary turbo towards the first D1 Drift event at Irwindale Speedway and saw the guys drifting like maniacs. It was pretty cool and i also knew I could do it, he recalled.

After some searching around, he found local organization 626 Drift and competed with them in some events at Willow Springs Raceway. I threw an LS1 motor in my Mazda RX7, but after a few events they stopped letting me compete because I kept winning, he laughed.

Fortunately, there was another place for Essa and his RX7. A place where the skilled drifters could compete in billowing smoky glory: Formula Drift.

I was invited to a Red Bull drift event in Arizona and scored second place in the qualifier, which got my license, Essa said. Next I went straight to Formula D inside my RX7.

2005 BMW M3 bracket 18

2005 BMW M3 motec CDL3 dash 15

2005 BMW M3 fuel pump 14

Formula D

This series pits the best drivers against one another in a test of agility, style, speed and proximity. Essa was a novice to the field but up against some seriously talented drivers. For 2010 he teamed track of Nick Richards to form GSR Autosport with plans to continue in Formula D, although in his 1st year, 2009, his best finish was sixth place in Vegas.

That year they built an E92 BMW 335i, which was memorable for its E60 M5 V10 motor, yet it wasn’t powerful enough to be competitive. So, the car was transformed for road-racing duty and GSR moved on to a BMW Z4 that would be a greater drifting platform. And while it evolved rapidly over two seasons, the short wheelbase proved too twitchy to operate at the limit.

At the end of the 2012 season I realized I needed to make a big push, Essa said. I knew I was able to do better with the Z4 but decided that if we switched to the E46 chassis and took the drivetrain from the Z4, the longer wheelbase would be more competitive. So, we took a chance and it also worked out great! he laughed.

Now in his fourth year of Formula Drift competition, Essa finally took his first steps on the podium and is in the close battle to actually win the championship. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years, he admitted. And while his skill level has undeniably increased, the E46 was exactly what he required to take his career to a higher levelSo, what would it take to transform a regular BMW into the tire-slaying battleship the thing is here? Was converted to M3 spec, even though well, the GSR M3 started life as being a humble 2005 325i. It’s since been dubbed Die Ultimative Driftmaschine , which is German for The Ultimate Drift Machine.

There are many regulations to conform to when creating a Formula D car, hence the chassis hasn’t been modified drastically. In general, like any street or race build, the GSR M3 is a mix of parts that might be fitted to the E46 M3.

It utilizes the factory S54 3.2-liter block but GSR built the internals to withstand the boost pressure considering that the main power adder can be a Garrett GTX35/28R twin-scroll turbo mounted on a DOC Race tubular exhaust manifold. This supplies a 750hp wallop to the rear wheels! Alternatively, about 500hp a lot more than stock!

Ever since the factory transmission wasn’t up to the quick shifts, high loads and constant beating, GSR machined the bellhousing to allow for Tex Racing four-speed dog gears and a Clutch Masters 850-series twin-disc clutch. The strength is then transmitted to a quick-change OS Giken SuperLock limited-slip diff, which required some modifications for the rear subframe to fit.

2005 BMW M3 DTMFiberwerkz GTR widebody kit 07

2005 BMW M3 wilwood four piston caliper 05

2005 BMW M3 DTMFiberwerkz GTR rear bumper 08

A typical misconception is that drift cars are unbearably bouncy and stiff, running on worn all-season tires without having inch of suspension travel. Sure, if you wish to slide around in a parking lot, but at the professional level, the cars aren’t very different from a road-racing spec, you might set up an automobile this way. The real difference is the volume of steering angle, and that comes from the specialized Wisefab high-angle kit. It’s an insane piece of equipment that enables almost 70? of steering angle at full lock!

There’s no camber adjustment on the car, just double adjustable Bilstein MDS Motorsport coilovers (as found on E46 M3 and Z4 GT racecars worldwide) and the Wisefab arms.

As with any racer, more rubber on the highway is an advantage, so GSR used the GTR widebody kit from DTMFiberwerkz. Inspired by the E46 M3 GTR V8 racecars, the kit gives the E46 an extra 8 of width up front, allowing the team to boost the car’s track width for greater stability. The styling also demands the M3 get some goodand so the brakes can be relatively small, making them light by competition standards. The reduction of unsprung weight and rotating mass is an easy way to improve the car’s handling dynamics and acceleration, being a by-product.

Wilwood four-piston calipers take care of the front, with two-pistons out back. And the trick to initiating a drift or scrubbing speed is definitely the hydraulic handbrake. It gets its own two-piston Wilwood Dynalite calipers on the rear, offering instant lock-up.

It’s no secret, Michael Essa has been one of the most improved and exciting drivers to watch this year. His attack angle and speed, plus the sound in the boosted S54 and its angel-eye headlights peeking through the smoke mean he just might take the championship. I try not to think about it, he told us. I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been see and doing what occurs. The closer we arrive at the last race, the closer I am to winning the championship being a privateer.

If you happen to didn’t know, that’s a large deal when you’re a tiny team competing against fully sponsored rivals.

Under his calm exterior, Michael is actually excited, and why not? He’s put himself in a amazing position to be crowned as one of the best drivers in the united states, and he’s doing it with the wheel of any BMW M3 in a sport that’s been dominated by domestic and Japanese cars. It’s a triumph of epic proportions and we’ll be there, win or lose, to cheer him at the finish.

2013 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo – First Drive


Twenty years ago, Ducati released what’s become an icon in the world of two-wheeled beauty. Known for its exposed engine and frame, the Monster is considered a “naked” bike because of its lack of fairings. Having consistently accounted for a large portion of Ducati’s sales, it holds an area in many riders’ hearts and, to us, has always hit the sweet spot.

In celebration of twenty years of Monster mayhem, Ducati released the Monster 1100 Evo 20th Anniversary Edition, along with a 796 and 696 option as well. The 1100 Evo is the one, offering the Monster family’s full package of sport, functionality and design.

It packs a 100hp punch at 7500rpm and generates 76 lb-ft at 6000rpm, in addition to Marzocchi front suspension, a minimalistic tail-end and the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) which gives you ABS and four levels of traction control. All this in a bike that weighs only 373 lb, making the Monster 1100 Evo the lightest in its class. It’s a bike that could surely kill you but, fortunately, it doesn’t want to!

Once you’re past its stunning Ducati red paint, exposed bronze trellis frame and gold Brembos, you hop on to find the seating position feels homely, no less than for my 5′ 9 frame. The upright bars are exactly where they should be and, as I inserted the key to awaken the twin-cylinder animal, my ears were met with pure metallic glory; the clutch chattering, and anThe exhaust about this Monster wouldn’t need changing; it’s quiet enough to avoid your neighbors loathing your existence, but loud enough to cause bystanders to salivate. It sings a glorious tune of Italian heritage and brilliance.

Around town, the Monster isn’t particularly comfortable. It wants to be ridden hard, as its name suggests. The L-twin is relatively rough below 3000rpm, causing a bit of hesitation on throttle input. This can sometimes be expected on a Ducati, although it’s something you learn to love. A change of habit, leading you to hold onto gears to higher revs at low speeds is all it takes to get ridden smoothly.

Riding up Pacific Coast Highway in the early morning fog towards Malibu at speed, with bursts of second to fourth gear rips, the Evo is idyllic. 000rpm limiter because you just don’t want the acceleration to stop, not for a second, you hit the 10. This bike is really a drug I found myself addicted to within the 300 miles I rode it, and in its absence I’m still in withdrawal.

I can’t get over its versatility. Quite often, a bike is geared toward track or touring, and bikes that claim to do it all fall short. Yet the Monster suffers no weakness. It’s strong across the board. Into the canyons, there’s torque everywhere, spitting you out of turns with all the balance of your ballerina. The ABS light shouldn’t be flickering at you, nor in case the traction control, but knowing they’re in attendance undoubtedly increases your level of confidence.

Down a long highway, cruising at triple-digit speeds (sorry, LAPD), the 1100 Evo is comfortable, stable and agile. With 20 years under its belt, it’s hands-down one of the most seductive, greatest and impressive performing bikes of our time, though the Monster’s evolution is definitely not complete.

2013 ducati monster 1100 evo headlight